2 girls rescued from smugglers, 7 arrested

Jul 11 2018 12:02 PM
2 girls rescued from smugglers, 7 arrested

Ghaziabad [India], Jul 11 (NT):  A gang of human trafficking has been exposed from Ghaziabad. Howrah Police, with the help of Ghaziabad Police, also freed two girls from the clutches of human smugglers. Along with that, all the 7 rogues of the human trafficking gang were arrested.

The police said that this gang had brought two girls to Ghaziabad from Odisha and Bengal and they were to be sold in Ghaziabad. Both girls have been released. Howrah Police has taken the human traffickers arrested on transit remand. After taking the transit remand, a team from Howrah Police took all the accused along with them to Howrah. All the accused were arrested from Nandigram area of Ghaziabad.

At the same time, the raided girls also left for a separate police team along with them for Bengal. The police said that the girls who were released will be handed over to their families. Rishi Kant, social activist and spokesperson for Shakti Vahini, as stated in TOI, said “The girl had got to know Shariful through a phone call some 15-20 days before she went missing. The duo developed a friendship and started talking over the phone regularly. Shariful, who is married and has a kid, had introduced himself as a rich man. His main job was to lure girls from poor families and sell them to people who run prostitution rings.”

The Ministry of Women and Child Development have given the figures that 19,223 women and children were trafficked last year against 15,448 in 2015, with the highest number of victims recorded in the eastern state of West Bengal.

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