200 migrant labourers died in road accidents during lockdown

Jun 03 2020 12:54 PM
200 migrant labourers died in road accidents during lockdown

The phase of the lockdown has hit the migrant workers. Nearly two hundred thousand migrant workers have lost their lives in road accidents. This has been revealed in the data collected by the Save Life Foundation. According to the foundation, at least 750 people have lost their lives in 1461 road accidents during the lockdown in the country from 25 March to 31 May. These include 198 migrant workers. 1390 people have been injured.

The highest number of deaths among all these deaths occurred in Uttar Pradesh. Here 245 people have lost their lives, which is about 30 percent of the total deaths in road accidents. After this, the highest number of deaths occurred in Telangana (56), Madhya Pradesh (56), Bihar (43), Punjab (38) and Maharashtra (36). If we look at the statistics of death in road accidents during the lockdown, people died in many road accidents at different stages of lockdown. During this period, 750 people died in road accidents across the country. There were 198 migrant labourers among them. 40 people were connected with other services. 512 other people died during this period.

67 people died in a road accident in the first phase of lockdown (25 March to 14 April). During this time 25 migrant labourers died. 9 other people died. 7 people associated with other services died during this period. In the second phase of lockdown (15 April to 3 May) 70 people died in road accidents. During this time 17 migrant labourers died. 42 other people also died. 10 people belonging to other services died in a road accident.

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