Why 200 delegates wrote letter to the Governor?

Concerned about the political crisis going on in the state for the last 15 days, 86 different mass organizations and famous people of Rajasthan have written a letter to Governor Kalraj Mishra. Names of about 200 representatives of public organizations of the state among those who wrote letters including, Dr. Lad Kumari Jain, PL Mimroth, Aruna Roy, Dharmchand Khair, Radhakant Saxena, DK Chagani, Mo. Nazimuddin are included. Through the letter, these people have said that not only the state and the country, but an epidemic like Covid-19 has spread all over the world and the whole world is fighting this epidemic. The people of Rajasthan have also fully faced this epidemic and are still doing it today. At such a time, there is a need for political stability and good governance in the state. There is great sadness in the state due to constitutional disaster.

In a letter written to 'His Excellency' the Governor of the state, there has been a demand that stability should be brought in the state. Keeping in mind the decision of the cabinet to call a special session of the assembly, the session of the assembly should be called immediately and a majority government should be established in the state.

It has been told in the letter that on the constitutional and legal aspects from various organizations, opinions have been taken from many experts and all of them have stated unanimously that-

1. Article 174 of the Constitution of the country and 1994 of the High Court, Bommai (Karnataka State), 2016, Rebia (Arunachal State) and 2020 Shivraj Singh (Madhya Pradesh) are clear from three decisions, that a party can prove its majority only on the floor of the Assembly. 

2. Under Article 174, on the opinion of the State Cabinet, His Excellency the Governor is obliged to call a session of the Legislative Assembly.

3. If His Excellency the Governor makes an understanding based on the facts that the Government is in a minority, then the session of the Legislative Assembly can be called and a majority can be proved on the floor of the House.

4. Under any circumstances, His Excellency the Governor can neither deny nor delay the advice of the State Cabinet to call a session of the Legislative Assembly.

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