Worship Goddess Shailputri with this mantra and method today

Mar 25 2020 12:33 PM
Worship Goddess Shailputri with this mantra and method today
Navratri has started. In this case, the first day is of Goddess Shailput and on the first day she is worshiped. It is believed that Shailputri Parvatraj is the daughter of the Himalayas. Shailputri worship is of special importance in Navratri. According to Hindu mythological beliefs, Muladhar Chakra awakens with their worship. It is said that any devotee who worships the Goddess with reverence gets happiness and accomplishment. So let's know the method of worshiping Goddess.

How to worship Goddess Shailputri - After taking a bath for this, wear a voluntary garment. Now at the time of worship, wear yellow colored clothes and establish the urn in the auspicious time, and take a vow to fast. After taking the resolution, pay attention to the Goddess Shailputri after the establishment of the urn. Now offer ghee to Goddess Shailputri. It is believed that by doing this, you get health. Now on the first day of Navratri, after reading the meditation Goddessntra of Shailputri, reciting hymns and armor will be beneficial. In the evening, do the aarti of Goddess Shailputri and distribute prasad, and finally open your fast.

Chaitra Navratri: Chant and worship Goddess for peace and prosperity

Mantra - ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः॥
वन्दे वाञ्छितलाभाय चन्द्रार्धकृतशेखराम्.
वृषारुढां शूलधरां शैलपुत्रीं यशस्विनीम्॥

It is said that by chanting the mntras of Goddess Shailputri, healing is attained and the person always remains healthy and happy.

Today is first day of Navratri, worship Goddess Shailputri

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