22 KYMCO launches this fantastic scooters, know the price

Jun 14 2019 04:27 PM
22 KYMCO launches this fantastic scooters, know the price

The 22 KYMCO Company has entered the Indian market with the launch of three scooters. These include an electric scooter named iFlow, while there are two other gasoline-powered scooters named Like 200 and X-Town 300i. They are priced at 90 thousand, 1.30 lakh and Rs 2.30 lakh respectively. Their sale will start from September. Initially, the company will sell them in six cities of the country – New Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. These cities will have 14 dealerships. The company plans to set up dealership networks across the country with 300 touch points over the next three years. Let us know the full details

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Alan Ko, who is chairman of KYMCO 22, said the electric scooter Iflow will be built in India itself. Both other scooters like 200 and X-Town 300 I will be imported to. However, the Iflo will also not be an Indian electric scooter altogether, as parts like its batteries and motor will be imported from China. Apart from the launch of scooters, the company also informed about the plan to install its own charging network (IONEX) across India. The company has said that each city will have 40 IONEX charging points.


Iflo Electric scooter

The company has features such as regenerative braking, cloud connectivity, reverse, cruise and drag riding modes, vibrating assist, app-based smart functions, LED lights and CBS in this special electric scooter. Its electric motor generates maximum power of 2100W. The top speed of the scooter is 60 kilometers per hour. Disk brakes are provided on either side. The Iflo is available in 6 color options.


According to the information received, two batteries can be installed in the Iflo electric scooter. A battery gives a range of 40 kilometres when it is full charge. The price of the scooter does not include batteries and it will get without batteries. The company will supply the battery under the lease system i.e. when the battery is discharged, you can replace it with the nearest charge point of the company and take a new full charge battery. For this, you will have to pay Rs 500 per month. Like 200 is retro-modern scooter. It has an engine of 163cc. It can have two full-face helmets placed in the storage space provided. The styling of the scooter is like the International model like 150 scooters.

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