Lord Parshwanath became the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism, this is the story

Aug 07 2019 03:08 PM
Lord Parshwanath became the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism, this is the story

Lord Parshwanath is the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism. Lord Parshwanath is considered to be of great importance in Jain Dharam. His idol's philosophy is only to give a sense of peace in life. In the Puranas, Parshwanath was actually a historical person. Prior to that, the stream of the Labour religion was not recognized in the general public. It was from Parshwanath that the workers were recognised. He emerged as the early icon of the Laborers. The main symbols of Parshwanath are the snake, the chaitya tree-dhava, the Yaksha-Matang, the Yakshani-Kushmadi, etc.

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Lord Parshwanath was born in Varanasi on the day of Paush Krishna Ekadashi about three thousand years ago. His father, Ashwani, was the king of Varanasi. Their mother's name was 'Wama'. His early life was spent as a prince. Before becoming a Tirthankara, Parshwannath had to take nine pre-births.

Brahmins in the first birth, elephants in the second, the god of heaven in the third, the king in the fourth, the deity in the fifth, the ruler of the sixth birth and the deity in the seventh birth, the king in eight and King Indra in the ninth birth then the tenth birth, he had the privilege of becoming a Tirthankara. As a result of the accumulated virtues of previous births and the penance of the tenth birth, they become Tirthankaras.

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He sacrificed his home at the age of 30 and became a sannyasin. On the 84th day after performing harsh penance for 83 days, he attained Kaivalya enlightenment. He had received knowledge on the Sammed Mountains in Varanasi. Parshwanath established four Ganas or Associations. Each Gana worked under a Ganadhar.

Sarnath is famous in the Jain-Agam texts by the name of Singhpur. This is where the 11th Tirthankara of Jainism, Shreyansnath, was born and propagated his non-violence religion. His followers had equal importance to the woman and the man.

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After Kaivalya knowledge, Chaturayam (truth, non-violence, nasty, non-gracious) taught. After attaining enlightenment, for seventy years, you propagated your opinions and thoughts and gave up the body at the age of hundred. On the day of Shravan Shukla Saptami, he received nirvana at Sammedshikharji.

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