24 ministers of Shivraj cabinet are millionaires

Jul 03 2020 11:38 AM
24 ministers of Shivraj cabinet are millionaires

Bhopal: After a long time, the cabinet has expanded in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. However, under the cabinet expansion, criminal cases have been registered in the name of ten public representatives who have become new ministers. Most of the cases are on Pradyuman Singh Tomar. He has also been a minister in the previous Congress government and later joined the BJP. After Pradyuman Singh Tomar, the highest number of five cases are on MLA Girraj Dandotia.

This disclosure has been made in the report of ADR released on Thursday. Apart from this, no case is registered on 18 ministers. Among the ministers who have criminal cases, Inder Singh Parmar of Shujalpur has two cases and the remaining ministers have one case. Ministers on whom only one case is registered. These include Edal Singh Kansana, Suresh Dhakad, Omprakash Saklecha, Mohan Yadav, Imarti Devi, Ramkhelavan Patel and Usha Thakur. Five ministers have serious criminal cases against them.

Four ministers in the cabinet are also 12th pass. These include Imarti Devi, Pradyuman Singh Tomar, Bharat Singh Kushwaha and Mahendra Sisodia who joined BJP. Brijendra Singh Yadav is 5th pass and Edal Singh Kansana eighth pass. Arvind Singh Bhadoria of Ater and Mohan Yadav of Ujjain has done PhD. Nine ministers are postgraduates. Two ministers are literate, including Suresh Dhakad and Prem Singh.

24 ministers are Millionaire among the new ministers. Khurai MLA Bhupendra Singh has assets worth Rs 46 crores. After him, Mohan Yadav has assets of 31 crores. Apart from this, four ministers are also millionaires.

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