Rahul Gandhi says 'America should lift ban from H1B visa'

Jul 03 2020 10:53 AM
Rahul Gandhi says 'America should lift ban from H1B visa'

Washington: US President Donald Trump temporarily suspended the H1-B visa last month, now that presidential Democrat candidate Joe Biden has promised to lift the ban if he wins the election. Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi also asked the US to lift the ban on H1-B visas.

Amidst the Corona crisis, the US suspended H1-B visas last month till the end of this year, which will have a huge impact on Indian IT professionals. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, the presidential candidate in the US, has promised that he will end the ban after winning the election. Tweeting on the promise of former Vice President Joe Biden, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said that the US has greatly benefited by embracing India's huge talent pool through its H1-B program. Now its suspension will affect millions of Indians and American companies. It should be canceled.

Let us tell you that last month, the decision of the Trump administration to impose a temporary ban on H1-B is estimated to cause a lot of damage to Indian IT professionals because a large number of young Indians go to America from here. Although it is being claimed that the new visa rules of America will have a limited impact on Indians.

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