This unique sensor device will monitor Corona patients.
This unique sensor device will monitor Corona patients.

Every country is searching for a vaccine to combat the coronavirus. But more prevention methods are coming out by treating the virus. Let me tell you that recently researchers have devised a new way to monitor patients suffering from Coronavirus (covid-19). They have developed a device with postage stamp size sensors that can record body temperature and oxygen levels in the blood. Early symptoms of corona can also be detected using this device.

In their statement, researchers from Northwestern University of America said that this new device has been tried on more than 50 physicians, specialists and patients. According to a study published in the journal Science Advance, it is a sticker-like medical device with a stamp size. It is very soft and flexible. It can be applied on the lower part of the throat.

Apart from this, researchers say that the respiratory system can be monitored using this device. The neck is the right place for this work. Researcher John A. Rogers associated with this study said, 'This device can detect even the slightest vibration on the skin. At the same time, it has been equipped with temperature sensor for fever. He told that this wearable device can monitor respiratory system health as well as count cough. Arun Jayaraman, researcher at Northwestern University, who led the study, said, "We are working unitedly on the development of devices that detect the disease in the early stages."

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