25 years of Titanic: James Cameron finally ends up the debate on its climax
25 years of Titanic: James Cameron finally ends up the debate on its climax

One of the most loved films in the entertainment industry, Titanic completed its 25 years.  James Cameron’s film became the most popular film in the world. On this occasion, the makers are set to have a grand celebration with the re-release of the Leonardo DiCaprio-Kate Winslet starrer, on February 10, Friday.

 There is an ongoing debate of James Cameron’s film climax which suggests that Rose could've saved Jack, with a new experiment. James Cameron’ to answer the debate about whether Jack could have survived at the end of the film. The fans feel that Rose could've easily saved Jack's life, by helping him to fit into the trap door beside her. He is prepared for answering the decades-long question posed by fans whether Rose (Kate Winslet) could have saved Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) from freezing to death and fit him beside her on the floating door. 


To create the scenario, James came prepared with two stunt performers inside a water tank, so that he can see for himself whether two people could fit together on the floating door. In the video, James Cameron is seen putting an end to the fans’ doubts by performing the experiment himself. To recreate the climax scene, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker gets inside a water tank with two stunt artists, so that he can watch for himself and decided whether two adults could fit together on the floating door.

James feels there is so much physical energy already spent owing up to this moment in the film, the chances of saving his life were very less. Rose could have insulated Jack with a life jacket as well, but the chances were not really confirmed James says that the decision of Jack to not get on top of the floating door ensures that Rose would be 100% safe, and that is what mattered as he was not worried about his own life. 

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