3 ancient habits which are beneficial for our health

Jan 26 2019 07:15 AM
3 ancient habits which are beneficial for our health

we have left behind a lot of our ancint Indian habits which delivers many healthy benefits to us. Ancient Indian wisdom is full of stories, folklore, and beliefs about some dos and don'ts when it comes to your body and health. Today we bring you  few ancient habits that have been proven to be healthy and should be followed in our everyday lives.

1. Sitting on the floor to eat

According to experts, the healthiest way to eat food is to sit on the floor cross-legged while eating it. It is apparently a yogic posture called Sukhasan which opens and exercises the abdominal muscles, boosts blood circulation and increases flexibility.

2. Early dinner

Various religions and many old people advise us to eat before around 7 pm in the evening. The reason behind this is that when you have an early dinner, your body gets more time to relax and digest the food you have consumed which help in getting rid of extra weight and to achive proper sleep.

3. Eating with hands

Scientifically, eating with hands is actually very healthy. According to Ayurveda, eating with your hands makes you form a yogic position where all your fingers and thumb come together. Also according to experts, eating with hands helps your brain connect with the food better.This practice may actually help with your diet and aid your weight loss.

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