3 cities nicknamed to explain their story

Jul 08 2018 10:35 PM
3 cities nicknamed to explain their story

Every city has its own story, a story of its creation, a story that defines its air and aura.

For an example, Mumbai is known for the thousands of people land here daily, to live their dream of making a career in the films. Hence, Mumbai is known as the 'City of Dreams'.

Similarly, several cities of the world have been named symbolizing their story.

1. Rome- The City of Seven Hills:

The beautiful city of Rome is well known for its seven hills which pull tourists from all over the world to this place. Many also refer to Rome as the Eternal city with a belief that the world may suffer all sorts of destruction but Rome shall be left unaffected.

2.  Petra- The Rose Red City:

Petra has been counted amongst the most ancient cities of the world. The stone from which the city was carved was red hence it is called the 'Rose Red City'. Petra, in Jorden, is often referred to as the lost city since it remained unknown to many travellers. It is also believed to store a lot of treasure in itself. 

3. Las Vegas- Sin city:

Initially, gambling was not a legal act and prostitution, still isn't tolerated by the constitution of Las Vegas. Well, these practises were very common in the city hence it is called the Sin city.

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