3 most unique Rehabilitation centres across globe

Jul 14 2018 01:42 PM
3 most unique Rehabilitation centres across globe

In a spree to find an escape from the complexities of life, you end up on drugs. Well, the real issue begins then. Drugs take over your world. The beginning definitely appears soothing but there comes a point when the body can no more tolerate the toxic and it begins to respond for worse. 

Well, there's always a solution. The various rehabs around the world have made it quite easier for the drug addicts to get rid of their addiction.

Here are the 3 most unique rehabs in the world, which are known for their controversial methods to deal with addiction.

1. Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat:

This rehab center is reported to put its patients into Sona which has a temperature of about 160 degrees to 180 degrees. They claimed that it was their method of therapy which gave satisfactory results in their battle with drugs.

2. Nazaraliev Medical Center:

The Rehab authorities claimed that their innovative therapy that included injecting their patients with a chemical that led them to Coma, was effective enough to fight against addiction.

3. God’s Love Rehabilitation Center:

Situated in Brazil, the people who serve this rehab, visit the slums around and offer the homeless addicts a place to reside, the only escape and therapy available here against drugs is religion. No other medication is provided.

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