The 3 pillars of a booming relationship which you need to know!
The 3 pillars of a booming relationship which you need to know!

You are most lucky when you have s someone to share your life with. Each and every one l beautiful relationship, they may find the most perfect partner in the world but that do not mean they are happy in the relationship.

A relationship is like a flower that needs time, care and devotion to grow and bloom and spread its fragrance. The basic three pillars that make any relationship strong are.


When you can communicate well with partner, tell them each and everything that is on your mind without the fear of being judged you are making your relationship successful. No one can read anyone’s mind so it’s very important to tell your partner how you feel about them about the things around. Even if you fought it should never stop your communication because without communication you cannot resolve your issues.


love is the unseen but most powerful force that binds two people together. It helps look past over the flaws and accept the person as they are. You need not to be perfect to be loved. Loving someone means to accept them with all their imperfections. It means to find beauty in their flaws. If you can define why you love a person than my dear you don’t love them you just like them. You are not in love just with the body but with the soul and mind. When you love a person you are with them in all thick and thin. You support them when they are in the ugliest phase of life. You stand strong with them when they are about to fall. Love is not momentary, love happens all the time each and every second of the day whether you are with the person or not.


A relationship without respect is nothing. You cannot love a person if you don't respect him or her. You need to accept and believe in the thoughts and opinion of your partner. Being in a relationship should not be the cause of losing one's individuality. A person should still be free to do what they want to and how they want to lead the life and a partner should accept that. Respecting each other's decision and view point maintains harmony in the relationship.

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