Corona: 399 died in one day, Spain on the verge of destruction
Corona: 399 died in one day, Spain on the verge of destruction

Washington: The world is currently undergoing a global pandemic corona infection. The number of people who died of corona is increasing daily. So far more than one lakh 65 thousand lives have been lost due to this virus and more than 24 lakh people are still infected. Whereas more than six lakh 25 thousand people have recovered from this disease.

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America, the most affected country in the world, has crossed 40 thousand dead and more than seven lakh 64 thousand people are infected. In Spain, during the last 24 hours, a total of 399 people have died due to coronavirus, whereas the number of those who died a day earlier was 410. The government has given information in this regard on Monday. According to the latest data, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in Spain has been around 200,210.

Israeli company adopts unique treatment technique, cures 7 corona patients

Spain ranks third in the world in terms of most deaths from Corona after the US and Italy. On the other hand, an Israeli scientist at Tel Aviv University has received a US patent for vaccine design for Corona family of viruses. This information was given in a statement issued on Sunday by the university.

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