Princess of Sweden starts work at hospital to serve corona patients
Princess of Sweden starts work at hospital to serve corona patients

Washington: The country is struggling badly with the corona virus epidemic that has engulfed the whole world. In such a situation, all the big celebrities are giving courage to fight this disease. Something similar has been seen in Sweden, where the princess has started working as a health worker in a hospital.

Princess Sofia of Sweden has started serving her country as a health worker at the time of the epidemic after taking a three-day online emergency course from Sofiahammet University. The 35-year-old princess started work at Stockholm Hospital after taking an oath to help the country fight the disease. Princess Sofia was a model before Prince Carl Gustaf's son Prince Carl Philip married her. In 2015, Sophia became Princess of Sweden by marrying Carl Philip.

Let us tell you that a total of 13,216 people have been infected with the Corona virus so far in Sweden, while 1400 people have died and 550 people have been discharged after recovering from the hospital.

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