Germany sent million dollar bill to China for loss from Corona
Germany sent million dollar bill to China for loss from Corona

Berlin: Germany has also sent a bill of 130 billion euros, accusing China of spreading the Coronavirus, while uniting the UK, France and the US. This move by Germany has left China stung. According to the news published in a news paper in Germany, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been attacked for the epidemic and has been responsible for putting the world at risk.

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Earlier on Saturday, US President Donald Trump had warned China that if China has done this work on purpose, it will have to face serious consequences for it. Trump said, "When this infection started, it could only be stopped in China but it did not happen and now the whole world is under its control". He further said, 'If it was a mistake then it is fine but if it is done intentionally then it will have bad consequences.'

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The estimated loss due to the epidemic in Germany has been reported to be 130 billion euros and the complete list related to it has also been published in the famous newspaper 'Bild'. Accordingly, Germany has lost a total of 1784 euros per capita and the country's GDP has also declined. Buoyed by this German attack, China has called it a move to promote nationalism and show hatred of foreigners. Reports from China suggest that he tried to hide the risk of infection with this deadly virus.

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