4 Food Myths about the vegetables, fruits and soft drink

Aug 11 2018 03:56 PM
4 Food Myths about the vegetables, fruits and soft drink

There are firm talks we've heard throughout of our life about food that you should or shouldn't eat. Most of them are definitely may be true but some of them turned out to be myths. Check out here some food myths-

1. Carrots are more healthy and produce more nutrition when people eat this in raw form rather than when cooked.

But the fact is that cooking the carrots will actually add to their nutritional value. The process breaks down the rough cellular walls in the vegetable that cover the main nutrients.

2. The fewer carbs you eat, the healthier you are but Instead of ditching carbohydrates all in all, it is more important to part your diet and take in the healthiest carbohydrates.

3. Carbonated drinks are not healthy for you

Sodium free club soda will quench your thirst without being awful for you. Soda, on the other hand, is harmful and should be avoided.

4. Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are not as nutritious as the fresh ones

 Since Fresh fruits and vegetables take a lot of time in traveling to come your Kitchen and when they arrive the marketplace, they're not always as fresh as when they were plucked. On the contrary, packed substance is much better because it at least preserves its nutrients.


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