Four men attempt to rape the woman, investigation underway

May 22 2020 04:25 PM
Four men attempt to rape the woman, investigation underway

Recently, the case of crime which has come up is from Mavikala village of Balaini police station area of Baghpat district. Where four youths have entered the house and tried to rape the girl. In this case, the brothers of the woman who came to the rescue have also been attacked. Yes, now the victims have complained to the police station in this case. At the same time, after their complaint, the domineering accused have threatened to kill the young woman's brother by beating her. In this case, the victims have also accused the Balaini SO of pressurizing them to take a decision.

In fact, in the Mavikala village of the area, on Wednesday late night, four domineering youths entered the house of a young woman in the village itself. In fact, the girl was sleeping outside in the verandah and the four youths pressed the girl's face and started trying to rape her. At the same time, when the girl made noise, she ran away after beating the domineering woman. In this case, the police did not take any action when the girl's brother reached the police station on Thursday morning. At the same time, the domineering youths grabbed the two brothers of the woman and beat them and said that if they go to the police station again, they will be killed.

Despite all this, when the victims again reached the police station, the police in turn threatened them. Now in this case, the victims have alleged that Balaini SO has refused to take any action and said go quietly and decide in the village. In this case Balaini SO Hamendra Balyan says that 'the matter is being investigated. Action will be taken after investigation.

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