4 ways to spruce up your office desk at home
4 ways to spruce up your office desk at home

The pandemic has made us stay indoors and work from home. We have to stay for longer and longer at home only. There is no fixed schedule and so things get messy and irritating. During such times, it is essential to give you a dull and boring workstation.

Sitting on your desk all day long, working extra hours, and straining your eyes stuck to the laptop screen is all that you are left with. You can always find creative ways and customize it according to your taste and preference.

1. Decorate the wall above your desk

While working we look here and there and stare at a blank wall can get depressing. To spice it up, put on some wall hangings or stick posters with motivational quotes. This will inspire you to work and be motivated throughout.

2. Indoor plants

Decorate your sitting with some indoor plants and place it on your office desk. It will purify the air and also boost your mood instantly.

3. Snack jars

Indulge in good healthy snacking, fill the empty jars with nuts, dry fruits, and some candies to kill your hunger pangs and keep you fit.

4. Put a soft board

Place a soft board right above your desk and hang on some favorite quotes, reminders, your to-do list, photos, and concert tickets.

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