40-year-old man raped a minor in garden

Jun 08 2019 01:48 PM
40-year-old man raped a minor in garden

There are many cases of crime coming up nowadays. The matter which has come up recently is that of Uttar Pradesh. In this case, the shocking incident of impoverishes from an innocent in Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh has surfaced. Yes, according to the news, the case alleges that a man of the same neighborhood had committed a rape incident with an 8-year-old. Yes, the 40-year-old accused, took the girl on the pretext of a car ride, and later did a disgusting act and then escaped.

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The accused has been arrested and remanded to jail by the police following a complaint by the girl's householder in the case and has been booked under the POCSO Act. In this case, the child has been referred to the civil hospital in Barabanki for medical treatment. Homologous the reports, police said that Salim, a resident of Tikaiatnagar area, had taken the children of the village to the orchard on the pretext of turning it into a vehicle. He sent the other children home and stopped the baby. "

In this case, after that Salim raped the innocent and left him in a critical condition, everyone was amazed and called the family and then he went to the hospital.

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