44% of the gold is hidden in this place of India! Survey began
44% of the gold is hidden in this place of India! Survey began

Jamui: After 40 years of gold reserves, Karamtia village in the Jamui district of Bihar is once again in the news. It is being claimed that 44 per cent of the country's gold (222.885 million tonnes) is hidden in the 10-km radius of the Karmatia region. If this is true, the whole picture of the area will change. Now the survey is being conducted there.

In Jamui, the work of exploring ancient human cultural activities of historical times has been started from prehistoric times. Due to archaeological discoveries in Jamui, many evidence of ancient times have been found. In the survey, which has been going on for about 10 days, the archaeology department is getting humans, plants, birds, animals, sun, chakras and other geometrical marks in the shell paintings. Most of the shapes are in the form of rock paintings.  

Evidence of cultural activities of ancient humans has been found in the shell shelters in the dense forests of the Gidheshwar ranges, the birthplace of Lord Mahavira. The Bihar Museum is conducting the survey after the approval of the Central Archaeological Survey of India. It contains evidence from historical periods and ancient times from prehistoric times. The Archaeological Survey of India has approved the survey by appointing Dr Ravi Shankar Gupta, an officer of Bihar Museum as director. The survey has been started from the dense forests of The Gidheshwar ranges. There are very large rocks in this range. The red colour is used in the pictures. All these rock paintings are in different places, where the route to reach is very inaccessible. The area has early historical and east medieval rock paintings from the Neo-Palashan-Tamralithic. Other antiquities - stone tools, pieces of pottery, and pieces of ripe bricks have also been found nearby.  

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