48 pigs killed in Kerala, meat sale banned after 'African Swine Fever' outbreak
48 pigs killed in Kerala, meat sale banned after 'African Swine Fever' outbreak

Kochi: After the Corona epidemic, the risk of spreading infectious diseases has now increased in the country. Now new concern is coming out about African swine fever, the first case of which has been reported in Kottayam, Kerala. After the outbreak of this flu, the state government has become alert and is taking a variety of precautionary measures. The first case of African swine fever was reported from a private pig farm located in Meenachil, Kottayam, after which there was a stir. After the confirmation of flu cases, the sale of pork has been banned in some areas of the district and shops selling its meat have also been closed.

Epidemiologist Rahul S has informed that the first case of African swine flu was reported on October 13, after which about 6-7 pigs died on the farm in the next 2-3 days. We took their samples and sent them for testing, where this flu was confirmed. He told that the farmer had a total of 67 pigs, out of which 19 were already dead and we have killed 48 pigs. Rahul also informed that strict restrictions have been imposed on the transport and sale of animals, the sale of their meat and vehicles carrying them in this area.

Kottayam District Collector Dr PK Jayashree said several precautionary measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the flu in the district. Animal husbandry officials have been directed to bury the pigs in the same field where the disease has been detected, he said. African swine flu is a viral infection, whose death rate can be up to 100 per cent. This virus affects both domestic and wild pigs badly. However, so far no talk has been revealed about its effect on humans. This infection is spread by physical contact from one pig to another.

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