4-year-old tribal girl raped, murdered

May 08 2019 03:26 PM
4-year-old tribal girl raped, murdered

Indore: A shocking incident emerged from Indore, where a minor girl raped and murdered by a 30-year-old man. Police have arrested the accused. The incident took place on Monday when a four-year-girl was sleeping next to her parents in a hut near Kushta Seva Samiti. The accused then picked up the girl and took her to the fields where he raped her. In a fear of recognition, he strangled her to death and dumped her body in the nearby well.

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Around 2:00 AM, the victim’s parents found that their daughter was missing. They then approached the Hiranagar police station after searching for her. According to the reports by the Hindustan Times, a special police team was formed and around 200 suspects were questioned during the investigation.

On Tuesday, Police nabbed a 30-year-old tribal, Nandu from Jhabua who lived in the neighborhood. During the interrogation, Nandu confessed to the crime and told the police that he picked the girl while her parents were sleeping. After he allegedly raped her in the field and murdered her. 

As per the police officials, apart from the Nandu's confession, forensic reports also proved that he was the accused. The police then searched for the girl and found her body floating in a nearby well on Monday evening. Soon after, her body was sent for an autopsy which confirmed that the girl had been raped and then murdered.

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