5 amazing exercises to get rid of fat from arms and legs
5 amazing exercises to get rid of fat from arms and legs

Besides Belly fat, getting rid of fat from other body parts is also very difficult.  some people also have a lot of problem getting rid of fat from their limbs – arms and legs. While a diet can really affect belly fat and help you reduce it, one great way to reduce fat from arms and legs is to exercise.We bring you few excerise which help you in getting rid of fat from leg and arms.

1. Push-ups can really put your biceps and triceps in motion and help you shed the extra weight on them. A few sets and reps can help in quick weight loss.

2. ball slam is a fun exercie in which you have to slam the ball on the floor with force. This uses your arms and can help you lose the flab on them if practised regularly.

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3. An exercise that puts literally every part of your body into motion, sun salutation is in itself a complete exercise. It can really pump the body with energy and reduce weight from the legs and the arms. Repetition of the exercise can ask as a full workout.

4. A very efficient way to keep your heart healthy, lose weight from your legs, and keep your body energized is to go for a run or a jog. It refreshes your mind and body and also helps to achieve the thin legs you have been trying to get.

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5. A simple to practice exercise, leg raises requires you to live your legs one by one and bring them back to their initial point. This helps in losing weight from all over the lower part of your body – from thighs to legs.



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