5 Famous Indian dishes worth trying
5 Famous Indian dishes worth trying

Traditional Indian food are always have been the mixture of different spices and flavours. Due to its cultural diversity, the culinary methods in India alters from place to place. Every sub-cuisine has its own speciality and unique dishes. 
Some might be exciting than others, but they are all interesting and enticing.
Here are 5 traditional Indian dishes which are worth trying.

Rogan Josh

The aromatic lamb curry acclaimed by Kashmir, although it has roots tracing back to Persian cuisine. Composing of an array of spices, tomatoes, ginger and garlic, Rogan Josh is a delicious dish adored all over the country.


Hyderabadi biriyani

Biriyani enrolled the venture of Indian gastronomy with the incoming Mughals, and it hasn’t left with their departure. Among the numerous biriyani styles, Hyderabadi biriyani is the special one.


Indian chaats

Chaats are are the strength of Indian street food. Popular snacks include kachori, Pani Puri, bhel puri, and masala puri, with a base of puffed rice and peas, vegetables, and spices.


Tunde ke Kabab

This Lucknow-based minced meat kebab is notable for its ingredients comprising of around 150 different spices. Conventional tunde kebabs are made from buffalo meat, with variations on the recipe using chicken or mutton.


Vada Pav

Streets in Maharashtra are incomplete without the presence of vada pav sellers. Vada pav is a vegetarian fusion of potato patty, chilli and other spices sandwiched in a bread roll known as pav.

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