5 food items never be taken with Milk
5 food items never be taken with Milk

There are many nutrients in milk that are very important for our body, it is said that drinking milk is very beneficial for our health. But the milk that benefits the health sometimes becomes harmful to our health. This happens only when we consume milk with some of the things with which drinking milk is similar to poison.

Let's know which are these things:

1. Drink milk after eating fish: By the way, there are many nutrients found in the fish that make tremendous benefits to our health. But if you consume milk after eating fish, then milk can harm you instead of benefiting you.

2. Milk intake with curd: Milk and yogurt have their own benefits, but if you consume milk and yogurt together, then its side effects can be on your health. Drinking milk and yogurt together or drinking milk immediately after yogurt has a negative effect on the digestive tract and this can cause complaints like stomachache, vomiting.

3. Milk intake with urad dal: Urad Dal and milk are different from each other. Having both together or after a short interval is harmful to health. This may cause the disturbance in the digestive system, vomit, feeling heaviness in the body, and pain can be felt.

4. Do not drink milk with citrus fruits: Drinking milk with cherries or citrus fruits can cause significant damage to the health. Drinking milk with citrus fruits can complain of vomiting. If you consume citrus fruits, keep in mind that after eating it, you should consume milk only after two hours.

5. Things Made from Sesame and Salt: Sesame with milk can be proved dangerous for health. Also, do not drink milk with things made using of salt. At least take an interval of two hours.

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