A 5-month-old girl suffering from a rare illness suddenly shocked parents

In the meantime, another case has come to light in which a five-month-old girl in Britain is suffering from a serious disease that occurs to one in millions. Due to this disease, the innocent girl has 'started turning into a stone.' The baby was like other normal children at birth, but the body is getting stony after being caught by a serious disease called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Couple Alex and Dave, who live in Hertfordshire, Great Britain, suffered a stir when they learned that their five-month-old innocent was suffering from a disease that was not treated. Five-month-old innocent Lexi Robbins has 'started turning into a stone' due to genetic conditions. The parents of the girl are worried about the condition of the girl.

The same innocent's parents Alex and Dave have warned parents around the world about possible symptoms. He said Lexi Robbins was born on January 31. She was like a normal child, but one day they found that the baby's thumb was not moving. His toes are very large, which did not appear normal from anywhere.

It is said that muscles and connective tissue turn into the bone in this deadly disease. In this disease, the bones start coming out of the skeleton, making it difficult to move. This situation is often compared to turning the body into a stone. People suffering from this serious disease can lie in bed till the age of 20 years and their life is likely to be about 40 years. Lexi had an X-ray in April. The swelling was found in his toe and his hands and toes were attached.

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