5 people died in Bagpat by consuming spurious liquor

Sep 10 2020 01:18 PM
5 people died in Bagpat by consuming spurious liquor

Baghpat: Five people died in the last 24 hours in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. It is reported that five have died due to spurious liquor. The case is from Thana Chandinagar area of the district. Villagers say the illegal liquor business in the village is rampant, which has led to the loss of lives of 5 people. According to police officers, all those who died had purchased liquor bottles from government contracts. However, the obvious causes of death will be known only after the post mortem report.

The case is from Chamarwal village under the Thana Chandinagar area, where a person named Shyamlal, who lived in the village died on Thursday morning. The family had spoken of death from the use of spurious liquor, after which the police arrived on the spot and reported that 5 people had died of spurious liquor since yesterday.

The villagers allege that a large scale illegal liquor business is going on in the village. One person from the village is illegally doing the liquor business in the village. The police have also been informed several times in this regard. According to the police officers, those who died had purchased liquor from government contracts. At present, the post-mortem report is awaited.

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