5 Plants to Use as a Natural Mosquito Repellent

Jul 28 2019 09:50 AM
5 Plants to Use as a Natural Mosquito Repellent

When the monsoon season comes, it brings mosquitoes along. Mosquitoes and bites can cause a variety of diseases.  This is better than the spread of deadly diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya, and measures to prevent mosquito bites. If there are no measures to be put in place, you can plant 5 plants at home that prevent mosquitoes from coming in. Let us know about those plants.

You will find its oily Mosquito Repellent in the market. It smells like mosquitoes fleeing the house. Mosquito outbreaks around your home can be reduced if you rope this plant in your home gardening.

It is an extremely attractive flower that you can apply in pots in your gardening or balcony. It is a perennial flower, also known as a natural pesticide. You can keep mosquitoes away by putting it around your home.

The smell of lavender helps to prevent mosquitoes. This plant with purple flowers blooms better in warmer seasons. You can place it in your gardening or pots and place it around the doors or in the balcony.

Lemongrass is a kind of grass of the species of citronella. Lemongrass does not allow mosquitoes to survive where they are planted. It is also used as food intake. The grass is a little long and hence should be applied to a large container pot.

mint plant
While peppermint is used in many ways in food and is very beneficial for stomach ailments, it can also be easily avoided by putting its pods in its gardening and avoiding mosquitoes. It is a very fast-spreading plant in the ground, so in your gardening, you can plant it in a big pot.

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