Pregnant women should never make these 5 mistakes, risk of miscarriage increases

Let us tell you all that every year 25th March is celebrated as 'International Day of the Unborn Child.' Yes, and the purpose is to understand the importance of a child developing in the womb. Let us tell you all that according to the world health organization (WHO) data, 4 to 50 million abortions are executed every year around the world. One of the major reasons for this is that during pregnancy, women make some mistakes that increase the risk of miscarriage. Now today we are going to tell you about 5 such mistakes that pregnant women should not even make by mistake.

Do not bend frequently- Pregnant women should avoid bending frequently as this puts unwanted pressure on the fetus. At the same time, by doing this, the chances of pre-mature delivery increase. Keep in mind that in such a situation, use long poles to sweep and wipe.

Don't stand for too long- Women understand that it is right to do most of the work in pregnancy by standing up, although doing so for a long time puts more pressure on the womb. At the same time, women should not stand for more than 20 minutes.

Take special care of food and drink- Special care should be taken to eat and drink during pregnancy. Keep in mind that it is better not to stay on an empty stomach for too long.

Wear comfortable footwear- The selection of the right footwear is important during pregnancy. Yes and keep in mind that in this condition, do not wear high heels at all, it makes it difficult to walk around. With this, wearing comfortable shoes and slippers will give you comfort.

Don't pick up heavy luggage- During pregnancy, women should stay away from lifting heavy stuff.

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