Due to a rare disease, the leg had become 50 kg, the operation went on for 90 hours

There are many such diseases in the world, for which treatment is not possible, while this list includes a disease called lymphedema, which is also called elephant foot in common language. Yes and it is called the world's most unique disease. In fact, many times in medical science, situations become such, when it is said that it is nothing less than a miracle. According to the information received recently, some time ago the team of doctors has successfully operated a person suffering from elephant feet.

Yes, and before this operation, the patient had visited all the biggest hospitals of the country, but the doctors of Max Hospital made this impossible task possible by doing surgery. It is being told that the name of the person suffering from elephant feet is Amit Kumar Sharma. Amit had an accident about 10 years ago, in which he had a disease named lymphedema in his left leg. Since then Amit had visited all the major hospitals of the country for the last 10 years, due to which there was no money left in his pocket. Due to this disease, he could not even walk, due to which his job was also lost. At the same time, apart from him, there was no earner in the house.

In such a situation, Amit showed doctors at Max Hospital Patparganj in August 2021 and since then his surgery started. Let us tell you that a team of 25 doctors of Max Hospital did more than 18 surgeries in 6 months to treat Amit. Yes, and these surgeries took more than 90 hours and when Amit came to Max Hospital, the weight of his leg was about 50 kg, which is now around 23 kg. This means that after the surgery, the weight of his leg has reduced by 27 kg.

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