5 things to remember;when you are in a 'New Relationship'
5 things to remember;when you are in a 'New Relationship'
  • Trust them- If you’ve been hurt before, it’ll be hard, but until they give you a reason not to, have a little faith in them. Believe in your instincts.If you fell for them in the first place, they must have good in them. Give them a chance to show it.
  • Let them in- All the way. Put down the weapons and surrender. Be vulnerable. Let them love you. Let them make you believe in what you have.True love sees the beauty in your perfections and your flaws, but they won’t be able to see them if you keep them at arm’s length.
  • Be yourself- Not who you think they want you to be. You should never have to be anything other than who you are for anyone. If they don’t accept you, all of you, then you need to let them go.
  • Don’t compare them to others- Your other relationships ended for a reason. You just weren’t compatible.Sure, there are things you might miss, but in the end, who they wasn’t right for you. So if your new guy/girl doesn’t do things quite like the last, it’s okay.There are probably lots of other things they will do that the others didn’t. Things that will make you smile.So let them be the person you fell for. There was a reason for it.
  • Don’t bring up past mistakes- It’s inevitable that somewhere along the line they’re going to make mistakes.So are you. If you forgive each other and move past it, let it go it’s not to be used as ammo for later down the road.They don’t need to keep paying for it over and over again. They served their time. They gave their apology and you accepted it.By doing that, that means it should stay where it belongs: in the past.


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