5 Ways Modern Technology is Changing the Face of HR

Aug 06 2020 02:04 PM
5 Ways Modern Technology is Changing the Face of HR

Undoubtedly, modern technology is a blessing for Human Resources departments, making the process of recruiting new staff easier, and also helping assess performance and predict future problems or needs. Let’s have a look at the ways technology helps HR managers do a better job.

Improved Productivity

Before modern technology came around, recruiting agents had to read through tons of job applications and conduct many interviews in the hope of finding the right candidate for a job. Using Internet databases, social media platforms like Linkedin or AI allows hiring managers to quickly locate a suitable candidate with the right qualifications and get in touch with those they consider a valuable addition to the team. Many companies these days create a talent pool, which contains the details of individuals who are suited for their organisation. Should a job vacancy appear, the HR people know exactly where to find the right candidate for a job, without having to bother with putting up ads on job boards. Even these Internet job boards are a great tool for HR departments as people looking for employment in a field frequently check them out and can get in touch with the company with just a few clicks.

Predictive Analysis 

Having plenty of data available would be useless without the software tools to sift through the data. These days, HR departments can make use of such modern tools to predict future outcomes, in terms of employee retention and increased productivity.

Complex studies on the way businesses avail themselves of modern technology came to the shocking conclusion that the departments that use the biggest users of analytics are the HR, rather than the finance and accounting departments which would seem the most likely candidates.

Online Police Checks

One area where HR managers can use modern technology to streamline the hiring process is background checks. Instead of asking job applicants to present a valid police check and then wait for weeks for the document, companies can use online agencies to get a national police check online on a job applicant in 1 to 3 business days. Everything is done online, the process of applying for a check is simple and the results come back by email, without putting the HR staff or the job applicant to any trouble. 

Performance Management

Modern technology allows HR departments to keep an eye on the job performance of the employee much easier than when this task required huge amounts of paperwork. HR managers now use software tools designed for the specific purpose of evaluating performance using what are known as key performance indicators (KPI). This allows them to maximize their efforts when it comes to performance management and discovering the areas that need improvement.  

Employee engagement

Finding good employees is the first job of the HR department, but keeping them is equally important. Employee engagement is essential for making people feel valued within the organisation. Highly-qualified employees can grow increasingly frustrated if they feel their voice is not heard and their opinions don’t matter.

In a large organisation, talking to everybody and listening to their opinions is simply not feasible and would cause a significant work overload for the HR. Fortunately, modern software tools allow HR departments to automate much of the process, from asking for the employees' opinion on certain issues to sifting through the feedback.

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