500 trains' speed increased under new railroad timetable.

NEW DELHI: As of Monday, the Ministry of Railways' new timetable for the Railways would improve the pace of 500 Mail Express trains. Now, these express trains will arrive their destination faster by 10 to 70 minutes. Along with this, Railways has converted 130 services, notably 65 pairs from Express to Superfast.

The revised timetable is eexpected to increase rail punctuality by about 9 percent, resulting in about 84 percent of the trains arriving at their destinations on time.

The Vande Bharat Express, Gatimaan Express, Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Humsafar Express, Tejas Express, Duronto Express, Antyodaya Express, Garib Rath Express, Sampark Kranti Express, Yuva Express, and Uday Express are just a few of the 3240 Mail/Express trains that Indian Railways operate every day. In addition to these, daily operations include nearly 3000 passenger trains and more than 5600 suburban trains, carrying over 2.23 crore passengers. In addition to these, there are numerous goods trains in operation.

These trains are operated in a time-bound manner, and constant efforts are made to ensure that they arrive at their destinations on schedule. Every year, efforts are made to boost train speeds while creating a new train schedule.
The Railways and IIT Mumbai attempted to create a timetable based on zero during the pandemic. The new timetable has been implemented beginning on October 1, 2022, thanks to all of these efforts. This has resulted in a 5 percent increase in the overall railroad system's average train speed.

The Ministry of Railways claims that in creating the new timetable, the Railways added 5 percent more lines to accommodate extra trains. This activity has increased the existing railway line's ability to run new trains by 5 percent. In the year 2019–20, 75 percent of trains were on time, but in the following year, 2022–23, that number rose to 84 percent.

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