Stones come out from women's throat, Doctors got shocked

Recently a very strange disease has been revealed in Iraq. one such case reported by doctors at Sir Gangaram Hospital. In an operation of a 66-year-old woman from Iraq, 53 stone in her saliva tube and throat gland found and removed. According to the hospital, the operation was performed in the last week of September. During this time, the stones have been removed one by one using baskets and forceps without any cuts in the body. The entire process took two hours and in the end, 53 stones were taken out. The woman was suffering from recurrent pain and swelling of the parotid gland after food or drink.

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According to the information received, in a statement issued by the hospital, it was later revealed that there are many stones in the parotid tube on the right side of the patient and the largest stone is about 8 mm. M Shaped, which was stuck in the middle of the tube. The same statement said, "Most doctors in and around the country suggested a procedure to remove the parotid gland that would leave a foul scar on the face and make her face paralyzed." Hearing came to India, where a small endoscope measuring only 1.3 mm is inserted into the parotid gland and the cause of the blockage is determined. "

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According to the information received, it has been revealed that according to Varun Rai, ENT consultant of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, "The biggest challenge was that all the stones were removed without any injury to the gland or 3 mm wide tube. " In which the patient has been sent home after surgery. The doctors are claiming that she has recovered completely and has been given permission to eat the food of her choice.

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