6 Key Elements to Include in SEO Planning to Rank Higher in 2020

SEO (Search engine optimization) provides a solid foundation for a business and thus the SEO strategy is a blueprint to plan for it. When you hire the SEO services in India for the job, they take into account several aspects, including your business goal before coming up with a proper blueprint. There are a few key elements that a good and impactful SEO strategy must include to be successful in 2020. These elements are:

Provide Right Data Keeping Google's Algorithm in Mind

The search engine algorithms keep changing in a quest to provide the best results for the users? searches. Google has been an undisputable leader with nearly 79% searches happening on it and to maintain its supremacy. It keeps updating its search algorithms to provide nothing but the best to its users. Currently, it's looking to deliver the right message to the right audience and thus stuffing keywords in the content would not yield the desired results. The 2020 SEO strategy should be based on providing relevant data that the audience is looking for.

Loading Speed of Webpages

The users are an impatient lot, especially the millennials, who can't wait even a second longer than expected. If your webpages don't load at their expected pace, they will simply abandon and move on with a pledge of never coming back again. The SEO Company in India should thus focus on optimizing the website speed, site performance, etc. It should audit the webpages to find issues that slow the loading speed and resolve them. This includes looking into elements like Estimated Input Latency, FCP (First Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), Time to Interactive, Speed Index etc. all of which helps in improving the loading speed.

High-Quality Content

In 2020, the focus will be more on visual content as it engages the audience better. The companies will have to make sure that they make use of videos that are shot in high quality and contains content that is unique and relevant to their targeted audience. The best video content is the one that can tell a story that your audience can relate to and thus find it hard to abandon it midway. They should be fully engrossed and watch it with full attention until the end. Moving forward, the SEO campaigns will require extensive, solid and fool-proof planning with no place for shortcuts. The content that is uploaded should provide value to the audience. To get noticed by search engine algorithms, the meta content should contain all the elements of SEO best practices in mind like Meta titles, keywords and descriptions. Only then the browsers and the web crawlers will find it relevant and useful.

High-Quality Links

Link building will continue to be an integral part of the SEO strategy moving forward. It's a tested and proven way to build your presence and authority in your niche and is taken positively by search engines too. It will continue to dominate the SEO strategy with a difference that white hat techniques will be appreciated for building this authoritativeness. The unnatural or spammy link building will get caught quickly by search engines and lead to severe consequences. Focus on building quality links through guest blogging, posting quality content, press releases etc.

Participate in Social Chatter

Establishing the page authority through social media campaigns have taken the centre stage and will continue to do so in 2020. People spend a lot of time on social platforms and thus the SEO agencies need to figure out the platforms where your potential customers spend time. Once they figure out the platforms where your target audience is concentrated, you need to plan and run campaigns on those platforms to gain their attention, communicating and engaging them. These campaigns need to be creative to make the desired impact and your audience should feel motivated to talk about you further in their social circles. Creating the right chatter on the right social platform is very important to boost rankings and traffic.

Track Progress

It's important to evaluate all your efforts and hard work that you are putting in your SEO planning and implementation. Tracking should be done by using the appropriate tools and keeping specific business goals in mind. You can get all sorts of data collected, but not all numbers are important for you. You should know which KPIs to metrics to track, which varies with your goals. For instance, if increasing traffic is your goal, then seeing enhanced traffic in these metrics should please you, but if increasing sales is the goal, then you need to see if this traffic is converting at the rate you want it to. These are a few key elements that the SEO services in India will look forward to in 2020 to provide a complete solution to their clients.

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