6 tips help you to apply make-up right

Beautiful and smiling face gets everyone's attention towards you and in such a way it is not a bad thing to take help of makeup to enhance its brightness. It is also very important to have the right makeup tricks. In such a case, it is important that you know some basic things about it before applying makeup.

1. Correct use of powder Powdering makes the makeup appear neat, but when putting a powder, it should be taken care of that it is equal to the whole face. Otherwise, it will give crap rather than a smooth look.

2. Use of Concealer Concealer should be used carefully. Tapping with fingers should be placed around the eyes and around the nose. After that, with the help of the brush, it should be given the final touch.

3. Eyes Makeup To enhance the beauty of the eyes, it is better to do the makeup according to the trend. By the way, mascara and eyeliner make a great deal of beauty, but it is important to pay attention to makeup on a special occasion.

4. Correct use of Eyebrow Pencil It is a good idea to use the same shed while filling eyebrows. Eyebrows can look strange using different colors.

5. Blush Look Perfect Blush makes your look perfect, but it is very important to apply blush to the right color. Blush should not be too heavy.

6. Put the lip liner The color of lip liner should match the color of the lipstick. Use it only to lift the outer part, not to fill the lips.

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