7 things a guy should avoid doing at his first date
7 things a guy should avoid doing at his first date

The first date is required little extra care to make it successful but with the small mistake, things between you and your partner can be ruined. 

So, today we will tell you what you should do and what not on your first date.

1. Women don't like to wait. In such a situation, you should reach the place where you want to meet before the scheduled time.

2. Take special care on dating what you have to talk about and what not to do. Do not just tell about yourself or do not stretch the same topic long. Keep balanced communication on both sides.

3. Get dressed properly on dating. Your bad look on the first date can ruin the date. You should not only select the clothes but go well prepared.

4. Do not say yes to everything at all. Rather put your point in front of your partner with self-confidence.

5. Talking about sex on the first date is not bad but do not talk about your past deeds. Instead of talking about your sex life, you share each other's likes and dislikes among themselves.

6. Do not praise too much. Do not waste time only in false praise.

7. Keep your mobile on silent at the time of dating. Do not check mobile again and again.

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