This magical temple is 700 years old, Know details
This magical temple is 700 years old, Know details

Till date, you must have heard or read about many such temples which are famous for their interesting things. Today we are going to tell you about such a temple, after knowing about you will be surprised. The temple we are talking about is the 700-year-old Bhilatdev temple located at Nagalwadi Shikhardham in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh. People believe that Baba Bhilatdev lives here as a snake deity. People worship Nag Devta on Nagpanchami. People come here to worship on the day of Nag Panchami, but this time it could not happen.

Due to Corona, this time a fair could not be held here. Nagalwadi Shikhardham is situated on a huge hill and this temple falls in the Rajpur tehsil. It is said that once a kinnar came to Baba's court. Kinnar asks for a child for himself. Baba blessed him. The kinnar became pregnant but he was not physically able to give birth to any child, so the child died in the womb itself. This eunuch has a tomb here. After that Baba cursed that no eunuch would stop in Nagalwadi. '

There is a belief that Baba Bhilatdeo was born 853 years ago in a Gawli family of Rolgaon Patan situated on the river bank in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. His parents were devotees of Medabai Namdev Shivji. It is said that he had no children, so he did harsh penance of Shiva. Baba was born after that. There is also a story that, 'Shiva-Parvati had promised him that he would come to ask for milk and curd everyday. If not recognized, the child will be picked up. One day their parents forgot, then Shiva-Parvati took Baba away. In return, Shivji kept a snake around his neck in the cradle. After this, the parents accepted their mistake. On this, Shiva-Pawarti said that the snake left in the cradle, consider it as your son'. In this way people worship Baba as Nagdevata.

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