73,632 cars sold every day in May, scooter sales dropped

Jun 15 2018 03:42 PM
73,632 cars sold every day in May, scooter sales dropped

The Indian automobile industry has gained momentum and in May this year, the industry has sold 22.82 lakh vehicles. That is, 73,632 vehicles have been sold every day. In May 2018, strong growth has been seen in all segments of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers. In May this year, vehicle sales in India registered a growth of 12.13% compared to May 2017.

According to data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), in May last year, 20.35 lakh trains were sold. Sales of passenger vehicles increased 19.65 percent. In May 2018, sales of cars, utility vehicles and vans (passenger vehicles) increased by 19.65 percent to more than 3.01 lakh units. 

According to the Passenger Vehicle Segment, car sales in May this year increased by 19.64 percent to 1.99 lakh units. The new Honda Amaze and the new Toyota Yaris have helped to grow the car segment. 1.66 lakh cars were sold in May last year. In May this year, the commercial vehicles sales of the commercial vehicles got to be seen.

Sales of commercial vehicles in the month of May 2018 increased by 43.06 percent to 76,478 units. That is, so many trains were sold. At the same time, 53,457 units of commercial vehicles (CV) were sold in May 2017.   

In May 2018, two-wheeler sales have increased by 9.19 percent and 18.50 lakh vehicles have been sold. At the same time, in May last year, 16.94 lakh two-wheeler was sold. At the same time, for the first time in 15 months, sales of scooters in India have decreased. In May 2018, scooter sales fell by 1.40 percent to 5.55 lakh units.

Motorcycles sales in May 2018 stood at 12.21 million units. While 73,067 mopeds have been sold. Vehicle exports from India also increased by 23.84 percent. A total of 59,648 cars and SUVs were exported in May 2018. It registered a growth of 3.45 percent compared to May last year. At the same time, commercial vehicles exports in May 2018 grew 21 percent.

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