78 Hindu families came to India's asylum after saving their lives from Pakistan

Sep 12 2019 12:46 PM
78 Hindu families came to India's asylum after saving their lives from Pakistan

New Delhi: Pakistan is raising the issue of human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir around the world, but the stories of its oppression and violence are being told by the Pakistani citizens who have taken refuge in India. Hindus who have fled from Pakistan for the safety of their sisters and daughters are saying that they are tortured there and even if they die, they will not return to Pakistan. 78 Pakistani Hindu citizens who came to India no longer want to return to Pakistan.

These people are living their lives under a hut of stones and somewhere under the open sky. These Hindus living in Pakistan have come to India after saving their lives. These people came to India from the Thar Express running between India and Pakistan. Now they do not want to return to Pakistan. Every person has their own painful story. If someone says that Muslim landlords do not provide money by getting wages in their fields and keep them as bonded laborers, then someone tells that if there is a beautiful daughter in the village, people forcefully take her away. The father of five daughters is Tamal Meghwal.

Tamal was a doctor there and his good practice was going on, but after getting fed up with people, he came to India. Dr. Tamal is now living here by selling 50 paise toffee. Most people's visas are also going to expire due to which they can no longer stay in India. Actually, the Government of India rules that it is mandatory for citizenship to stay in India for 7 years, but those who have just come to India for asylum have neither any employment nor home. So their life is in bad shape.

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