8 beautiful places in world where the true colors of nature reside
8 beautiful places in world where the true colors of nature reside

Who does not like to roam in today's time, and in today's time, people are always in search of the biggest and the most beautiful place to roam. But sometimes it is not possible for us to go to some places. And this is the reason that many times people cancel their busy routine and sometimes even their whole plan behind something, but do you know that there are many things in this world, about which if you know once If you go, you will leave everything and make up your mind to roam here. Today we have brought some such place for you, which you will not even know about till today. 

Whitehaven Beach​ Australia: This beach is situated in the middle of Australia, and very few people know about this beach today. The special thing in the meantime is that it is most famous for the white sand present here. This island is located near But Sand Island and the island also has two very beautiful harbors which adds to the beauty of this beach even more. It is also a special thing in the meantime that you can neither smoke nor can you bring any of your pets on this beach.

Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii: The special and most exciting thing about this place is that there are waterfalls here with pools on the banks of these waterfalls, in the meantime, you can enjoy the spa with many good facilities. Opportunities will be available for you to relax and chill, in addition to this, there are also many beautiful swimming pools at this place, which adds to its beauty.

Fairy Pools Scotland: Friends, if all of you are thinking about visiting Scotland, then definitely know about the thrilling sights here. The origin of the name remains a mystery till now. It is assumed that the pools were so-called due to their magical appearance. The pools are a vivid aqua blue. Fairy Pools have become a soaringly popular location for walkers. Apart from this, things like Cooling Hills, Isle of Steel located near. Animals of many species can also be seen here, due to which tourists get attracted to it more. 

Marble Caves and Carrera Lake Chile: This lake, is a marble peninsula jutting into General Carrera Lake. There are three main rock caves to explore named as the Cavern, the Chapel, and the Cathedral. Visiting them is no city-slicker day trip. Marble Caves are unique they are smack back in the middle of one of the continent’s great wilderness areas. It gives you an adventurous feel but the views over here are worth it.


Shaharah Bridge Yemen: This bridge was built in the 19th century to connect the two cities above the mountains. The footbridge connects two mountain ranges at the closest point. While the history of this bridge is a witness to the fact that it was built to fight the war in Turkey, it is also said that if you see standing on top of this bridge. Tourists like to come from far and wide to see this place and enjoy its beauty.

Havasu Falls Grand Canyon National Park: This fall is one of the falls in the earth whose beauty can not be guessed. Let us tell you that this place is not considered less than heaven, this fall is located on a remote valley of Arizona, for information, let us know that every year thousands of tourists come here to visit. One special thing about this fall is that it runs a very beautiful harmony with the earth and the air. It is said that the water of this place is blue and green, which is said to be very special for its beauty.


Fjadrargljufur Canyon Iceland: It is a valley in the southeast of Iceland that is 100 meters deep and about 2 kilometers long, from which the Fjaðrá river flows. Due to the glacier cliffs in this valley, the atmosphere here becomes even more beautiful.

Dark Hedges Northern Ireland: The hedges are visited by a ghost called the Grey Lady. The Stuart family is said to have planted these trees on both sides of the passages here in the 18th century. This place named Dark Hedges is very famous for its natural beauty is used as a filming location for the television series Game of Thrones.


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