8 Things should not keep in home or office

Feb 05 2019 10:20 PM
8 Things should not keep in home or office

The decor of your house says a lot about you. But sometimes unknowingly we bring such things to our homes in form of images, idols or showpieces that they disturb the energy of our house and ruin our happiness.

Here, we’ll talk about 8 things that should never be kept at home or office as it brings out negative energy.

#Cactus or thorny plants

Cactus or any other plant with thorns except for rose and few medicinal ones should never be kept in the house. They are believed to give rise to tensions in the environment. Plants exuding white sap should also be kept at bay.

#Fake flowers and plants

As per Vastu, it is suggested that keeping them in your house or office can destroy the atmosphere of that place, as they invite too much of sunshine and odor. Even Feng Shui is against artificial flowers.

#Taj mahal

Any photo or showpiece of Taj Mahal should not be kept at home. No matter how beautiful your eyes find it to be, but it is a grave and grave symbolizes death and passivity. Though it is recognized as an epitome of love, it is actually a grave of Mumtaz (Shah Jahan's wife). And things like these placed at home affect our lives seriously.

#Broken things

If your house or office has some broken furniture, flower vases or vessels that can't be repaired or restored to working condition, then just dispose them off. Such things are considered to attract negative energy.

#Clutter in bedroom

Clutter in the bedroom is a big no. Refrain yourself from stuffing things under the bed as they affect the subconscious mind and also cause disruptions during your sleep. Also, avoid placing footwear under the bed.

#Broken mirror and idols

Avoid keeping broken glass, broken mirror, and broken image or statue of any God or Goddess as they invite immense amount of negative energy in your home.

#Water fountain

Some people who like being near water, often end up installing a water fountain in their house. But according to Vastu, such things are not recommended to keep in the home. It signifies the flowing nature of an object. It means that the money and prosperity will vanish with the flow of time.

#Sinking boat picture

Any picture or painting of the sinking boat should never be kept at home. It describes a deteriorating nature in the relationships between family members.


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