9 harmful combinations: what foods cannot be used together?

May 05 2019 04:07 PM
9 harmful combinations: what foods cannot be used together?

Potatoes and meat, vegetable salad, wine and dessert, kiwi with yogurt. “Mmm, how tasty” - you say. Yes, we often get used to certain pleasant food combinations, sometimes they even seem ideal to us. But what if the taste delights look in terms of health and compatibility? And here is not so simple.

Potatoes and meat

Oh, this classic culinary genre. Have you ever felt heavy after using them? These are the consequences of incompatible products. So that we can digest such food, we need different enzymes that break down the complex components of food. Processes run long enough, and we feel heavy.

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In general, starchy foods are complex in terms of healthy combinations. One recommendation is to combine them with herbs or vegetables.

Fruits after eating

The first, second, compote ... and in the modern case - dessert. Adherents of such nutrition often try to make food combinations more useful by eating after the main meal not a bun, but, for example, an apple. This is not worth doing.

If you eat fruit after a meal, then fermentation in the stomach cannot be avoided. The same applies to juices.

Nutritionists consider fruit as a separate meal and advised to observe the intervals: at least 3 hours after meals or 30-60 minutes before it.

Milk porridge

The grain of oatmeal contains phytic acid. It interferes with calcium absorption. This fact makes all cooking oatmeal on milk a useless ritual. Nutritionists advise paying attention to a simpler combination - porridge on the water. It is believed that it is even more useful, in addition, by itself, this option is more dietary.

Kiwi with yogurt

This combination is often offered even by manufacturers. But hurry to mix these products is not worth it, because Kiwi makes yogurt bitter. This is due to the fact that the enzyme in the fruit, accelerates the decomposition of milk protein. The taste of this combination is not the most pleasant, especially if based on a natural dairy product.

Alcohol and Coke

Want to at least slightly increase the benefits of alcohol, diluting it is not the usual Coke, and diet. Nothing happens. Such drinks are only faster absorbed into the body, and they take alcohol with them for the company.

You will get drunk more strongly than it would be desirable, and the hangover will be more rigid.

Wine and dessert

Alcohol increases insulin production. As a result, the sweet cake, or rather, the sugar from it, turns into fat. The result - extra pounds.

Beer and peanuts

Unique amino acids, a large number of vitamins and acids - which only does not contain peanuts. Foreign manufacturers even claim that beer doesn’t hurt everything, but on the contrary, the bad reaction of alcohol on the body will decrease.

In fact, alcohol destroys beneficial substances or does not allow them to be absorbed. As a result, you are left with only extra calories.

Cucumbers and tomatoes

This is a surprise, you say. This combination leads to fermentation, followed by bloating and increased gas formation. But you should not get upset, while some say that cucumbers with tomatoes are harmful in combination, others point out that such reactions are individual, and everything depends on the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Tomatoes and pasta

No pasta is complete without tomatoes, cheese or meat. However, all this is detrimental to your digestive system. In tomato, there are acids which badly are combined with all earlier listed. As a result, all this damages your digestive system, and the dish itself becomes very hard to digest.

If you feel heavy, try other flavor combinations, such as pasta with pesto.

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