99% of Omicron patients are getting cured in a week! People with these diseases are most at risk.

The corona havoc across the country has once again created havoc. Once again cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly. Let me tell you that more than 37,000 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. More than 100 corona patients have died during this period. According to the latest data of the Union Health Ministry, 37,379 new corona cases have been registered in the last 24 hours and 124 people have died due to corona. There have been 11,007 recoverys during this period. Now recovery rate is 98. It is 13 per cent. Let me tell you all that so far 1892 cases have been reported in the country of Omicron, out of which 766 people have recovered.

Maharashtra is at the forefront of the list. The highest number of 568 cases reported so far has been reported from Maharashtra followed by 382 cases in Delhi. Meanwhile, expert Dr Arora says that the omicron variant stays around the throat for a long time. Because of this, it spreads rapidly. It therefore spreads three times faster than the delata variant in case of infection. He also said, "If we are not alert, the virus can quickly take people into custody. This may reduce the risk, but it will spread very fast. Dr Arora also said, "It does not make its copy in the lungs very fast so the patient does not get into a serious condition. That is why the variant spreads very fast, but the delta leaves the body very fast like a variant. ' He also said, "Even though the serious symptoms of the virus are low, the high number of patients is an alarm bell for us. According to estimates, 40-60 thousand patients may need to be admitted to the hospital during the third wave peak. This can pose a new challenge to our health infrastructure. That is the concern of the Government also. This variant is increasingly taking people into its grip. There is a lot of concern in view of the record cases that are coming up in many countries. '

He further said, "If we are not alert, the corona will not be completely destroyed. Therefore, the government's guidelines need to be followed strictly. If we are careful about omicron, there will be a situation when the cases of hospitalization or loss of life due to infection will be very low and the World Health Organization will exclude it from the category of epidemic. It is too early to say at what stage the WHO will take such a decision. Early research suggests that existing vaccines are making less antibody in terms of omicron. Therefore, scientists face the challenge of developing a more effective vaccine. ' He further said, "Patients suffering from serious diseases like diabetes, hypertension or TB are taking a little longer to recover from omicran infection. It took seven to 10 days for the corona epidemic from delta variants to heal. Some patients took longer to recover from the disease. Some delta patients were negative in more than two months. Statistics show that in case of omicron variants, 92 per cent of patients are getting RT-PCandtest negativewithin a week. On the other hand, 5 per cent patients are found to be negative on the eighth day while three per cent are found to be negative on the 9th day. Only one patient who also had TB was found positive for a long time. '

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