Alert! These people are reading your personal email on Gmail

Jul 04 2018 03:24 PM
Alert! These people are reading your personal email on Gmail

If you send the e-mail to Gmail using (Gmail) get the alert. Third-party app developers can read Gmail's personal email of Gmail users. This is disclosed by The Wall Street Journal in a report. Gmail's access settings allow data companies and app developers to view people's e-mails and private details. In addition, these people can also view e-mail addresses, time stamps and full messages. These app developers need user consent, but it is not clear in the consent form that it will allow humans to read the personal gmail of the people. 

Google has stated that it only gives data to the experienced third party developers and that the user has a clear agreement. The investigation process is completed before giving data, in which it is ascertained whether the identity of the company has been presented correctly by app or not. 

In addition, in the privacy policy of the app, it is mentioned that the e-mail that the company will monitor and data, and the data that it wants is directly related to its work. For example, an e-mail app should have access to Gmail. Google has stated that some developers had applied for access to Gmail, but they have not been allowed to do this. However, the company has not disclosed how many companies had applied for it. 

Google has stated that employees of the company can also read e-mails, but this happens in certain cases, where the user asks to do so and also gives clear consent for it. In addition, e-mails are also read for security purpose, such as for checking a bug or any case. It is clear that many apps had access to e-mails. 

Some time ago email management company Return Path and Edison Software had access to thousands of Gmail accounts. Both of these companies have said that they were human engineers, who were preparing to handle the machine algorithms for data handling. These engineers had access to thousands of e-mails.

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