Apple to bring in a special lens technology its i-phones

Jun 09 2018 12:54 PM
Apple to bring in a special lens technology its i-phones

Counted amongst the most high-priced handsets, Apple is well renowned for the excellent camera features of its phones.

With its every new launch, Apple has continuously been impressing its users with its progressive attitude towards the camera features.

According to the latest reports, Apple is trying to get in a special technology relating the flashes, called the ‘Dual Lens Camera Focusing Lighting Module’ which would improve its picture quality even further. The module shall allow its users to change the direction, intensity, the angle of the beam, regarding the flash.

The brand is trying to take its camera to a next level where it can nearly match the DSLRs.

Apple has filed a patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office which informs that a lighting module intends to provide adjustable and controllable illumination of a camera field of view of a camera module and includes an adjustable collimator whose position can be adjusted in a way that the emitted light beam is adjusted and directed to illuminate various regions of various camera fields of view.”

Well, it is not clear, as to when shall apple introduce this special feature to its phones.

If reports are to be trusted, Apple is also working on providing a stronger glass with enhanced stiffness.

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