Brother is the anchor of Sister's life; these five points makes it clear..!
Brother is the anchor of Sister's life; these five points makes it clear..!

Brothers are like spices. Though they sometimes burn your eyes and pucker your lips still you can't resist having them.

They have the capability to bring out the best and the worst of you.  They irritate you, treat you like their slaves, make you their dummy for the WWE smacks but above all they love you and protect you in every possible way they can. They may mock you and taunt you but they'll hear a word against you. 

So we've come up with things to remind girls that how lucky they are to have an elder brother.

  1. If Daddys be your superman, Brothers be your Captain America : you might love your Dads the most but you can't always share the teenage bond with them which you can share with your brother.
  2.  You get to know in deep about boys : well who's a better person than your brother to share your relationship problems or the latest crush. He'll guide you the path straight to boy's heart and will prevent from any situation of heartbreak.
  3. Knowledge about Sports: Most of the girls watch cricket either because of Virat Kohli or Brett Lee. They won't know any jargons of the cricket field.  It’s the brother who educate them about all the sports be it cricket, football etc.
  4. He's like a protector of the realm: Though he might fight with you a lot or hit you with the pillows or any kitchen equipment but he will never ever let anyone else hurt you.  Anyone coming to you has to face him first.
  5. Gives you the joy to become his peronal stylist : Boys usually don't pay attention to their looks. Even if they do so they need someone to guide them about fashion and who could be a better person than a sister. So girls you can at a very tender age become a stylist.

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