Craziest things found in Human Body !
Craziest things found in Human Body !

We often see crazy ugly things coming out of human bodies in movies but what if you get to know that it happens in real life too? Sounds nasty right! But the fact is, it does happen in real life. Below is the list of weird things found in human body:-

  • 57 Maggots - A 97 year old woman was found with 57 maggots in her ear. It was said that a fly entered her ear and laid eggs which led to this situation.
  • Eel in bladder - A Chinese man was having bath with an eel who was supposed to eat his dead skin.  But the eel entered his bladder. It was about 15cm  long.
  • Bugs in Scalp – In 2007, a man from Colorado suffered from serious itching in his scalp.  He tried different shampoos but ended up having more pain. On treatment the doctors found a bug implanted in his scalp.
  • Worm in brain –After bearing severe headaches, a Chinese a man went to a hospital where doctors found a tapeworm residing in his brain.
  • Cockroach in ear –Hendrik from Australia experienced unbearable pain and thought of a spider to be inside his ear but it turn out to be a 2.5cm long cockroach which was pulled out by the doctors using tweezers.


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